January 17th, 2010


She knows me so well

miome (who got back from her trip, is sick, and thinks it might be strep) bought me The Male Nude. My girlfriend knows me so well. And from the cover I can tell that I am definitely not the target audience.

Also, despite the weather being totally uncooperative, I met rappleart3. We didn't get to do quite as much as we wanted to because it was cold and rainy, but we did have fun.

Amusing side story: while waiting for Rapple and her mom, I was in the National Geographic building. They had an exhibit on photographs of arctic wildlife. One of the photographs had a couple of narwhals. The caption? "Two male narwhals caress each other with their tusks." Do they now? Sounds like my kind of whales!

Of course, I immediately thought of skylark97's Whale God stories. When I related the story to Rapple, she immediately thought of tygati's Fin and fur series.

I love that one little caption can possibly reference so many people on my friend's list. XD