January 2nd, 2010



It is cold and windy and why is there not more porn on my friend's list?

In other news, today has been spent cleaning, putting away Christmas stuff, and breaking down boxes. I swear I'll get everything unpacked just in time to move again.

I'm also working more on a few stories. Mostly just idly poking at them. At least it's writing.

I'll be traveling next week and I fully intend to take my notebook and work on the "Teddy is a therapy vampire" story just because I think the whole idea is hilarious. I've also got a few pages of various other stories written in there and the outline of an interesting story idea that I want to try. But really, I want to write more of my AU Young Avenger stories because they are cracktastistic and fun.

But right now, I'm going to be grumpy about the lack of porn.