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Advertising fail

Have you ever seen a commercial on TV and immediately thought "Wow. Not a single woman was involved in the making of this commercial."

There's a fairly famous national jewelry store that is running these ads for Mother's day. Only this commercial is so lacking in taste it is a amazing. I can't imagine this bumping up their sales for Mother's Day. I can't imagine this ad campaign bumping up their sales ANY day.

Picture this: you have a woman, mid- 50s, not much make up, sitting on a bed with a bathrobe on. You could believe this was a mom. Then she starts speaking.

"You know what I'd love for Mother's Day? For you to get engaged to Rachel."

Wow. Just... wow. I mean, listening to a second time I guess it's slightly better because I honestly thought she was telling her daughter, Rachel, she needed to get engaged. Like "You need to pressure your boyfriend to marry you now, sweetie" which shouldn't be a trope in real life, but somehow is. It's not though, which doesn't make it much better. That's just what the world needs: more stereotypes about moms pressuring their kids to get married. That's healthy! Who doesn't love it when their parents are overly invested in their ADULT childeren's romantic life? Not creepy and controlling at all.

Then we have the next line. "But if your not 'ready'" - and yes, she does do the finger quotes here - "you know who else likes jewelry? Momma."

There are seriously no words.

Who green-lighted this? No seriously? Multiple people had to have seen this commercial and thought "This sound like a great idea. It will be funny." Only there's nothing funny about the way this ad is played. It's creepy, desperate, and makes me want to cut this woman out of my life watching it and she's not even involved in it. Holy shit.

Finally, the tag line. "Get engaged this Mother's Day." Sweet Jesus it hurts to even write that out. "Or get mom something special." Yeah, like wondering why her kids have cut her out of their lives and she never sees her grandkids.

Good gravy.
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