Tsaiko (tsaiko) wrote,

Not again...

Some of you who followed me since LJ might remember I had an issue with my email address. Basically, it boiled down to some lady in Indiana (which was weird, because when it started, I lived in Indiana) had a very similar name to me and kept using my email address when registering/purchasing things. This led to me knowing about her vacation in France, when she ordered pizza, and (most disturbingly) her kids Little League baseball schedule. I was finally able to reach out to the Little League and get them to ask her to PLEASE stop using my email as I now knew way, way, way too much about her life.

Guess what? It's happening again. Except instead of the email using my real name, it's for my Tsaiko gmail account. I now have a reservation confirmation from Japan Airlines for a Japanese lady in my inbox. It's all in Japanese. There's another email associated with it that I could forward it to, but I don't speak Japanese. I don't know how to tell this lady that she had accidentally used my email address.

I just... I can't believe this is happening again. In the exact same way. The last multi-year email problem started with receiving a confirmation email from the airlines.

My life.
Tags: technology, un-fucking-believable

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