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Neighbor lady strikes again

It appears neighbor lady is back to believing we should be the best of neighbors, despite our attempts to keep her at arms length. The husband (who is a nice guy) has a vehicle. Said vehicle has an alarm on it. This alarm goes off regularly, usually at 2am in the morning. Yesterday, it went off mid-afternoon. And kept going... and going... and going.

Miome decided to go over and let them know "Hey, you're vehicle alarm is going off." First, because she thought maybe they didn't realize it was their alarm. And second, because she was hoping to shame them into not just letting it go off for 15 minutes at a time.

Well, neighbor lady decided to come knock on our door today and caught me (Miome was in the bathroom). She went on this long tangent about how she knew it was neighbor kid who tried to break into her husband's vehicle the day before and to thank us for telling so that she could go to the police. In fact, it was neighbor kid that tried to break into our cars a few years ago (an incident we never could confirm actually happened).

Couple issues with this:

- Neighbor kid hasn't lived here in years. He use to hang out with his group of friends in their yard and cruise up/down the street. No more. I'm not sure I could pick him out if my life depended on it. I do now know that neighbor lady was always annoyed by the teenagers because she mentioned about five times how they were always getting into trouble.

- We didn't see anyone around the vehicle. In fact, Miome looked out the window before she went over and confirmed that it was just going off with no one around.

- Miome never said anything about anyone touching the vehicle to neighbor lady. I asked and she was baffled where this came from.

Yeah. She also went off about how this is why neighbors should look out for each other. Over. And over. So, it looks like we're back to being on speaking terms with neighbor lady.

I'm thrilled. Really. -_-
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