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Snow, snow, snow.

We had a good 5-6 inches fall over night, and will probably get another 2-3 inches today. Of course, as required by my city regulations, I had to go shovel the sidewalk in front of my house. I also gave the stink eye to everyone who walked on it before I shoveled it. Why? Because when they walk on it, it compresses the snow into the sidewalk, and it's twice as hard to get off. The snow hasn't even stopped falling! Stop walking on it!

Which is totally unreasonable, I know, but I just spent 30 minutes chipping compressed snow off the sidewalks with a shovel. I'm allowed to be annoyed.

We also had to cancel some reservations we had for afternoon tea, because there's no way we're getting downtown today. I am annoyed. Currently, they are predicting another snow storm to come through next weekend as well. Double annoyed. Maybe later this month we can go?

Finally, I have written 20,000 words of the absolute worst story I have ever written. It's terrible. I'm loving writing it. No editing. No worrying about consistency. No research. Just me writing and writing. I'm trying out a couple of new techniques to see if they work from me (including a new word count tracker, a new method of planning stories, and some new writing styles). All of which require me to have a larger work to really stress test. So I decided to write a half-assed romance novel based in a fantasy world. I might have crap at the end, but I'll have had fun writing it.
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