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Food and work functions

What is it about food at work functions that makes some people's brains turn off?

I was always taught a couple of simple rules for catered events, like work functions. Don't go through the line a second time until everyone has had a chance to go through once so that people get a chance to eat. Don't put things on your plate and then return it to the communal dish. Don't scrape stuff off or pick stuff out of your food there in line. If stuff is being served by a person and is not take as much as you want (usually done to make sure everyone gets some or when there is a limited amount for some food like a vegetarian option), don't try to get multiple helpings.

Things I saw at the catered work event today:

- Someone spotting a couple of unmanned dishes while one of the servers were helping someone else and adding a serving of ham, a serving of turkey, and a serving of fish to their plate which already had two serving of beef. This was in addition to the entire plate full sides they had. They probably had enough food on their for three people.

- Someone picking out the tomatoes from their salad and putting it back in the salad bowl.

- Someone using the cake server to scrape the icing off pieces of cake and leaving the icing on the cake stands for people to maneuver around.

- Someone going through the desert line four times before most people had even gone through once. This person also got multiple slices of the various deserts each time.

I mean really? Really? Come on guys.
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