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You have a much looser definition of "traditional" than I do

This weekend, miome and I were thinking of going to a Oktoberfest celebration.

I'm not much for Oktoberfest, except for the food. I like German food. Unfortunately, this particular celebration seemed to think that German food = bratwurst and only bratwurst. I'm sorry, but I'm not paying a $20 entry fee (what they called the "Designated Driver" ticket) in addition to whatever they wanted to charge for the brats. Miome and I decided to go, but went to the area because there are several restaurants there. One thing we discovered was that people were getting a discount to Oktoberfest if they dressed in "traditional" German outfits. For women that meant looking like a beer maid.

The best one was a woman dressed with what I promptly called the Goth Hello Kitty beer maid outfit. Her skirt was pale pink with a Hello Kitty on it, black ruffles under the skirt, black stomacher/corset was black with pale pink trim, white shirt, white socks, black boots, and black lipstick.

Not what I would have thought of as traditional, but I kind of hope they gave her a discount anyway. :D
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