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One of my pet peeves

Dear Google,

You know what bothers me more than anything? When I am given the semblance of a "choice" that is no choice at all. For example, do not given me the "option" of updating all my Google docs to the new format and then tell me in a few months, you are going to update them anyway. That is neither an option nor a choice. Why not just do it. That way I can spend my time fixing all the formatting you are fucking up instead of previewing how you will fuck up my formatting, but knowing I won't really be able to stop you from doing so.

No love,

Not that I'm really working on anything people will want to read. Just this fantasy novel set in a world loosely based on Victorian England, and oh so proper letters and etiquette. At least this story isn't like the other one set in this world, which is in a wordy, frou frou writing style that takes me forever to get into. But it's ridiculous and fun and the story is evolving into something interesting. Not that there is anyone on the internet I hate enough to inflict it upon. :D
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